Dawn Marie


If you are looking for a qualified and licensed artist, then you are in the right place!


Dawn Maire is a highly qualified licensed and insured artist. She is trained and holds the most prestigious certifications.


Her certifications include


• PhiBrows Microblading Artist Certification. This certification is earned after passing eleven intense levels of training. PhiBrows is the worlds most prestigious Microblading Certification Programs.


• Advanced Perfection Microblading Certification. Trained and Certified by one of the worlds best trainers Kler Rosenberg.


• Manual Microshading Certification. Trained and certified by one the worlds best trainers Kler Rosenberg.


• Scalp Micropigmetnation Certification. Certified at Scalp Micro USA by one of the worlds best Matthew Iulo.


• Tattoo and Permanent Make up Removal and Lightening Certification with A+ Ocean.


• Certified in LI-FT Pigment Removal & Lightening with Top Trainer Teryn Darling


• Certified in ALL Techniques of Lip Micropigmentation with Lip Design Pro


• Certification in the Science of Pigments, Skin Undertones, LI Pigments Brow & Modifiers, & Color Corrections with Top Trainer Teryn Darling.


• Certification in Lash Lifts & Tinting


Certified in PowderBrows and Ombre Brows by world known artist Kim Zen from Zen Derma Solutions


• Certified in UNDO No Laser Tattoo Removal



Dawn Marie is very passionate and loves helping others. She believes in educating and answering all your questions, to make your experience the best!


Jeremiah loves redeeming hairlines!  He became interested in Scalp Micro Pigmentation 10 years ago knowing that his father lost his hair at an early age, so he would likely do the same.  His interest became a passion when he experienced the blast of confidence that SMP gave to him, as a recipient of the procedure, and he knew he wanted to help others in that same way.  Seeking to leverage the detailed discipline he had developed as a career educator in Philadelphia schools, he underwent certification and training with one of the most highly sought after, and busiest, artists in the industry, Chris Herrera of ‘The Art of SMP’.  His training, and apprenticeship, under Chris, prepared him to change lives, which he’s been doing ever since.  Jeremiah’s ultimate joy in this work is seeing the smiles on the faces of his clients when they look in the mirror after a procedure is complete.


Lawrie J.

Lawrie has been in love with all things beauty since she was young. Her passion is making others feel like a better version of themselves through beautification. Lawrie is not only an esthetician in the state of Pennsylvania but also a lash and microblade artist. She began her journey by receiving her education through Bucks County School of Beauty Culture to become an esthetician. Lawrie is certified for lash extensions through Beaudee Lash Bar and lash lifts through Dawn Marie Studio. Her microblade certificate was also obtained through Dawn Marie Studio. Lawrie’s goal is to see a smile on her clients face after their appointment, knowing how satisfied they are.



Viktoriia  is a successful certified permanent makeup master. She was educated in the world-famous permanent makeup school “Academy’s” and started her career in Ukraine. Becoming a master artist was her dream all of her life - to make people better and more self-confident.


She has a medical education in the past, therefore, like no one else, she understands the structure of the skin and knows how to do the job efficiently without unnecessary injuries.


The world of permanent makeup is developing and improving so quickly - she keeps up with the times and masters the most fashionable techniques.  She believes that permanent makeup is not just "make-up" - it is a piece of art and each of her clients is a masterpiece, the beauty of which she helps to reveal.


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