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Langhorne PA Lash Lift & Lash Tint


Do you spend hours doing your makeup and perfecting your eyelashes everyday? Well, consider the idea of a lash lift and/or last tint! Whether you are a first timer or looking for a touch up, Dawn Marie Studio is the place that will expertly revamp your look! Our studio’s technicians are experts in the art of lashes and have years of training to perfect your look. Our Langhorne PA studio is perfectly located to suit your lash lift and tint needs; give us a call today to schedule an eyelash makeover.

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A lash lift and tint is a perfect low maintenance option for those looking for long, dark and luxurious eyelashes! However, it’s vital that you go to a true licensed and well-trained professional for this treatment. That’s why Dawn Marie Studio is your go-to for a flawless lash lift and lash tint. Dawn Marie is a highly qualified licensed and insured artist. She is trained and holds the most prestigious certifications. There is nowhere else near Langhorne PA to look for your lash lift and tint treatment; Dawn Marie Studio is the only place you’ll ever need to go to get your eyelashes perfected.

Lash Lifts & Lash Tints in Langhorne PA- Darken Your Lashes


A Lash Lift and Tint is the perfect way to temporarily curl and darken your lashes. As one of our most popular treatments, lash lifts and tints are a pain-free, low maintenance and cost effective way to achieve dark and luscious lashes daily. We utilize a keratin solution that will curl your natural lashes and extend them to a beautiful length. Average lifts last 8-12 weeks and tints last about 4 weeks. Kiss your eyelash curler and mascara goodbye!


Comparing Lash Lifts & Lash Tints in Langhorne PA with Eyelash Extensions. What is the difference?


So, you might be wondering what are the differences between lash lifts and lash extensions and which is right for you? The two treatments are actually very different from each other. To begin with, lash lifts are a much more cost-effective eyelash treatment than extensions. They also last longer, as extensions only last about a month. Lash extensions are a lengthy process, usually a few hours long, and requires individually gluing synthetic fibers to your real lashes one by one. On the other hand, a lash lift utilizes a solution to perm your lashes to make them appear longer and fuller and only takes a few minutes. To summarize, the benefits of lash lifts include:


• Cost-effective

• Lasts for 8-12 weeks

• More natural look

• No need for glue or synthetic products

• Low maintenance

• Less irritation than lash extensions

• Time efficient


Dawn Marie Studio Lash Lift & Last Tint in Langhorne PA


Are you in the Langhorne area and in need of a lash lift or tint? Well, Dawn Marie has you covered! Step away from the eyelash curler. By investing in a lash lift and tint, your eyes will pop and make you look more awake and youthful. Our keratin treatment lifts and reshapes your natural eyelashes; there is no need for extensions! Dawn Marie Studio is your top beautician for eyelash lift and tint services!



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Regardless of your desires and needs, we understand that your eyelashes are a fundamental feature to your appearance. They frame your eyes and provide a feminine touch. That’s why here at Dawn Marie Studio, it’s important to us to provide every client with the undivided and personal attention they deserve. We look forward to hearing your personal wishes so we can design the perfect and exclusive eyelash solution for you. Give us a call today for your lash lift and/or tint needs or to learn more about our other specialties such as microblading, scalp micropigmentation and lip blush!

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