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Lip blush is the latest lip enhancement trend! The treatment provides the illusion of fuller lips by defining and elevating the lip color. If you are looking to enhance your natural lip shape, a boost of color, or even the symmetry of your lips, semi-permanent lip blush is for you! Lip blush even gives the illusion of approximately thirty percent more volume! We work with our clientele to find the perfect shade and shape for them; give Dawn Marie a call today to hear more about our lip blush options that will work for you!

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Lip blush is the newest and hottest up and coming trend for youthful and softy tinted lips. Through a micropigmentation technique, lip color is applied to the entire surface of the lips. Every client has their own certain wishes, whether that is a fuller pout or even symmetry correction. Here at Dawn Marie Studio, our goal is to help you achieve your desires while enhancing and  maintaining natural-looking lips. Your treatment will leave you with a fuller, plumper and richer colored pout.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Blush Montgomeryville PA


Oftentimes, our clients are curious about the lip blush procedure and have many questions. We strive to answer all inquiries regarding all of our treatments. Our most frequently asked questions in reference to lip blush are:


DOES THE LIP BLUSH PROCESS HURT? - The answer to this depends on person to person. However, most clients experience no pain at all due to topical anesthetics that are applied to the lips to minimize discomfort.


WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT AFTER THE PROCEDURE? - Often there is slight swelling or puffiness that follows the treatment for about a day. Also, the procedure tends to slightly dry out or chap the lips. For this reason, we recommend applying lip balm to soothe the lips.


AM I A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR LIP BLUSH? - The best candidates for lip blush are those with naturally faint lip color, discoloration, asymmetrical lips or those who simply want to save time and the hassle of applying lip products.


WILL MY LIP BLUSH TREATMENT LOOK NATURAL - Yes! With expertise in color-blending and strong attention to detail, Dawn Marie is trained in the art of luscious yet natural-looking lip blush.



Dawn Marie Studio Certifications and Montgomeryville PA Lip Blush Services


When choosing a permanent makeup artist, it is important to select a licensed professional with proven experience. Lip blush can be a big decision, so allow Dawn Marie to help you feel relaxed that you’re in professional and skilled hands! For years, she has been in the business of lip blush as well as microblading, scalp micropigmentation and powder brow in Montgomeryville PA and surrounding areas. Trust Dawn Marie for your chosen treatment!


Her certifications include:


PhiBrows Microblading Artist Certification. This certification is earned after passing eleven intense levels of training. PhiBrows is the world's most prestigious Microblading Certification Programs.

Advanced Perfection Microblading Certification. Trained and Certified by one of the world's best trainers Kler Rosenberg.

Manual Microshading Certification. Trained and certified by one the world's best trainers Kler Rosenberg.

Scalp Micropigmentation Certification. Certified at Scalp Micro USA by one of the worlds best Matthew Iulo.

Tattoo and Permanent Make up Removal and Lightening Certification with A+ Ocean.




Lip Blush in Montgomeryville PA & The Benefits of Lip Blush


The full-lip-look has been admired for centuries and the ideal pink hue is desired by women across the world. However, few are born with a perfect pout; that’s where Dawn Marie Studio comes in to help! There are countless reasons why lip blush is the right choice for you! Here are just a few:


• No more lipstick smudges

• Perfect lips through swimming and sweating

• No need for re-application of lip products

• Appearance of fuller and plumper lips

• Natural yet enhancing look


Contact Dawn Marie if You are Looking for the Best Lip Blush Service Near Montgomeryville PA


Don’t let just anybody handle your pout; Dawn Marie is specialized in the intricate art

of lip blush. It’s our studio’s mission to assist you in enhancing your lips in an enhancing and natural-looking way; Dawn Maire is a highly qualified, licensed and insured artist; she is thoroughly trained and holds the most prestigious certifications. If you are looking for a qualified and licensed artist, then you are in the right place! Get ready to show off your newly blushed lips!


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