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Jamison PA Permanent Eyeliner Also Known As Tattoo Liner


Are you sick of applying makeup every day? Does the idea of waking up ready for the day help settle you? Well you should consider permanent eyeliner! This treatment can be applied in many styles and colors, from soft lash-enhancement to a defined liner or an eyeliner with a shadow dusting. Essentially, a small amount of darker pigment is tattooed between individual eyelashes, resulting in a fuller and luscious lash look. For a bolder look, pigment can be placed above the eyelash line to enhance and create a more dramatic appearance. Regardless of your desired look, Dawn Marie Studio can accomplish it!

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Dawn Marie Studios Permanent Eyeliner in Jamison PA


Permanent eyeliner automatically enhances the eyelash line and eyes. It provides the appearance of youth and boldness. This treatment is also ideal for those that suffer from makeup allergies. In the long run, it’ll save you time and energy, as you will always wake up to perfect makeup! Still have questions or concerns?

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You may ask why permanent eyeliner is a good choice for me? Well, there are many benefits to the treatment beyond just surface reasons. These include, but are not limited to:



• Definition of eyes

• Easy and quick makeup routine

• Time and money saved

• Waterproof

• Great for those with makeup allergies

• Fills in eyelash gaps

• Great for those who have lost hair due to medical reasons



Frequently Asked Questions About Permanent Eyeliner in Jamison PA


We get asked a plethora of questions about permanent eyeliner and makeup, ranging from, “Does it hurt?” to “How permanent is it really?”. Dawn Marie Studio is here to answer all your inquiries and soothe your worries about permanent makeup!


DOES PERMANENT EYELINER HURT? - Since everybody has a different pain tolerance, the pain of permanent eyeliner is relative. However, we apply a numbing cream to the area prior to the actual procedure. Once the effects of the cream set in, the process should be relatively painless.


HOW LONG DOES “PERMANENT”’ EYELINER LAST? - To be technical, “permanent” makeup is never fully permanent. Within one to two years, the eyeliner will start to gradually fade and you will need a touch-up.


WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PERMANENT MAKEUP AND A TATTOO? - The color inserted doesn’t go nearly as deep into your skin. Only the top surface layers are colored.


HOW OFTEN DO I NEED TO HAVE A TOUCH UP? - Touch up appointments are optional but recommended. Dawn Marie Studio suggests if you want to maintain your desired eyeliner look, plan on scheduling a touch up once every two years.





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Dawn Marie Studio offers a range of semi-permanent and permanent makeup options that will enhance your natural beauty.  Whether you’re looking for longer, thicker lashes, fuller eyebrows or scalp micropigmentation, our team of permanent makeup experts can give you exactly what you’re looking for. Please feel free to email us anytime with any questions you may have

Booking an appointment is easy!


Simply click the button above & schedule your appointment online!


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