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Powder brows, also known as ombre brows, create a powdered look that subtly fills in your eyebrows using an electric machine.  This semi-permanent technique is perfect for those with oily skin, mature skin or those seeking a softer look. The treatment is perfect for those with fuller brows that are usually filled in with makeup and traditionally lasts 1-2 years. Contact Dawn Marie Studio today for the best brows of your life!

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Powder brows are the newest and hottest eyebrow beauty trend to achieve strong and fully shaped brows. One’s eyebrows accentuate their eyes, so it’s important to have manicured eyebrows to help to achieve a younger and polished look. However, many women waste precious time filling in their eyebrows everyday; the simple solution to this dilemma is semi-permanent powder brows! This treatment is also perfect for busy mothers, those going on vacation or during the sweaty summer months. Dawn Marie Studio is here to help you achieve perfect and maintenance free brows today!

Powder Brow vs. Microblading at the Best Powder Brow Studio Near Croydon PA


You may be asking yourself: “How do I choose between powder brows and microblading?” To answer that, you must understand the application difference between the two treatments. Microblading is applied with a small handheld tool with multiple little needles that create little cuts in the skin and then pigment is deposited. Unlike microblading’s individual strokes, the powder brow technique utilizes an electric pen to create pixelated dots; the method is minimally invasive, lasts longer and can be buildable from light to dark throughout the brow, creating an ombre effect. Either treatment may be the perfect solution for you!


Powder Brow, A Popular Alternative. Powder Brow in Croydon PA by Dawn Marie


Powder brows are fast becoming a popular alternative to microblading for a reason; this technique provides a soft yet manicured appearance and can also be used to camouflage old faded tattooing. This high end technique, united with a perfect choice of color, gives the brow a natural look. The final result is similar, if not better, than the look of makeup.

Unlike the popular “block” tattooing of the past, the powder brow method provides an ombre effect; the start of the eyebrow is light and gradually fades to a natural darker shade. Powder brow results in waterproof, smudge proof and time-saving eyebrows.





Why Choose Powder Brow in Croydon PA


Powder effect brows are ideal for enhancing your natural color or shape, as they help define what is already there. Since the pigment is embedded more deeply into the skin, this method of semi-permanent brow procedures is the most long lasting. There are many reasons to choose the powder brow technique for your eyebrows. Some of these include:


• Provides a manicured and polished eyebrow

• Best treatment for oily skin

• Longest lasting method

• Most subtle and soft procedure



Contact Dawn Marie if You are Looking for the Best Powder Brow Service Near Croydon PA


Don’t let just anybody handle your eyebrows; Dawn Marie is specialized in the intricate art of powder brows. It’s our studio’s mission to assist you in enhancing your face in a polished and natural-looking way; Dawn Maire is a highly qualified, licensed and insured artist. She is trained and holds the most prestigious certifications. If you are looking for a qualified and licensed artist, then you are in the right place! Together we can determine a shape and choose a color to suit your wants and needs!

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